Dear Bright Friend!

Let's make each other a magical gift in the New Year's Eve!
 Clock will strike  12 times at midnight, we all will exclaim the traditional "Happy New Year!"
Let's turn immediately after this to our families, to our loved ones, to all living beings, to the Living Planet Earth, to ourselves and say:

I'm sorry!
Please forgive me!
I love you!
I thank you!

It is the oldest and most powerful healing practice called Ho'oponopono.
I beg you, let's do it together at midnight between 2012 and 2013, and the world gets a little better!

More Ho'oponopono (English).

Подробнее Хо-опонопоно (Русский)

 Più Ho'oponopono (italiano).

יותר הו'אופונופונו (עברית) ו

Más Ho'oponopono (Español).

Plus Ho'oponopono (en Français)

Mehr Ho'oponopono (Deutsch).


더 Ho'oponopono (한국어).

Więcej Ho'oponopono (Polski).




23 февраля 2011


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14 марта 2011

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18 марта 2011


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