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The "Connecting" Project


A project of simultaneous mental act, realized by millions of planet Earth inhabitants.


The purpose of the project: 

  1. To bring to the widest range of people authentic, scientifically founded information of human mind influence on its surroundings on earth and space.
  2. To involve in the act grossly diversified social strata worldwide.
  3. To join efforts of multiple spiritual societies around the world, whose motto is "Semper Fi " mankind!
  4. To set an international Day of Compassion, sponsored and managed by the U.N., based on an agreement among all nations. This day will be dedicated to a world-wide-simultaneous meditation, in which at least 1% (70,000,000) of the world population will participate.

  Part 1

(The Gist)

 Taking into consideration the above said, imagine what would happen if, at least, 1% of mankind would focus, simultaneously, under preliminary arrangement, on one accurately formulated mind thought! The result of such mind impact thus produced would be huge!

In fact, we already witness, daily, such an action, when mass–media causes millions of people to "think" the same thought in the same time. They channel thoughts, feelings, opinions and reactions of entire nations into predetermined direction during news broadcasts, as, for instance, in the present economical crisis. Their technique is very efficient, and e can see its aftereffects, of increasing depression rate, on a daily basis. The present crisis enhancement - is the result of such joint depressive thinking of millions.

 Now, for the first time in the history of mankind, there is a real technical possibility for millions of people to synchronize a joint action through the use of the Internet and mobile phones. I saw, that even in the most remote villages of India people have mobile phones … We see the same in China. The Internet network expands with huge speed …the entire world is covered by telecommunication …and radio exists practically everywhere. Naturally, one may ask – what thought, wish, or idea should be generated that will promote and positively affect the Evolution of Mankind?

 Now, of course, a major question presents itself immediately: will such a unified thought, with its potential influence, not be a break of a cardinal law, the "Free Will Law"? And yet again, since we can't reach now an inclusive consensus, we can only suggest, and settle for such a thought, that would focus on the elimination of aggressiveness of any kind.

Imagine what could happen if the emotion of aggressiveness disappeared (or reduced) simultaneously in all the countries! No inveterate fanatic would ever admit that they are driven by primitive blood thirst. No – they would  pose themselves as proactive protectors of High Religions Principles. They use High flown words to cover Fear and Frustration which constitute the basis of aggressiveness. Two sides of the same sad medal. Cause and effect, we offer cure for both.

We suggest that an International Net should be set for covering all countries and all spiritual organizations. Its aim would be to have 1% of the population (no less than 70,000,000 million), perform an act of mind concentration on one thought, one prayer, one visualization, which generates the same feeling for all participants.

And it should be a feeling of Compassion, because the Compassion feeling is the opposite of anger, irritation, aggressiveness.

 Part 2


 Many references both ancient and modern mention some 1 % of mankind whose joint effort is sufficient to change the destiny of the entire humanity. No doubt that you, reading the text right now, have friends and acquaintances. Providing you tell them about our suggestion and they accept it, and tell their own friends, and so on, then we can create a "Connection Net", which would set many existing spiritual groups and organizations worldwide to effectively coordinate their actions to achieve the maximum number of participants in each of their proposed synchronous meditation. Please give information about the Project to your friends.  Sign the petition calling on the UN and governments around the world to support the  celebration of Compassion Day 12/12/2012. Invite your friends to do the same. 

There's no need to priorities any system or teaching as the one methodological basis of the mission. Everyone can participate in it in accordance with the system within which they are already functioning, or even simply Really Wish it and Truly Believe in the success of the Mission.

The Power of Human Thought is the Corner Stone of any spiritual doctrine!

Let's work together!

 Good Luck to Us All!






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