The Ekataa Ambassadors have joined hands with various movements in the course of this year. Join us now for another Ekataa wave starting from 1.11.11 till 11.11.11 ... Play the Ekataa Game - A few concrete activities to help us live a little more consciously in a fun and creative way. Our conviction - small changes make BIG differences! Become members of the various activities on the new version of www.Ekataa.net, share your views, discuss and debate about your experiences in the coming 11 days and in the year to follow starting from 11.11.11 - 12.12.12. Look forward to hearing from you on Ekataa.net. Do invite as many of your friends and foes to join in this adventure. Love, Light and Laughter sent your way for this new Wave on Oneness.


Ekataa Team




(c) The Connecting Project 2011











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