The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 represents an extraordinary moment in time offering a choice-point of immeasurable power.  Occurring on this poignant weekend, ONE: The Event will invite attendees to Make The Shift from fear to love.

Attendees will be treated to an afternoon of local music, inspirational speakers, celebration and ceremony in Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium. The afternoon will culminate with a global synchronized moment of love shared with millions of people worldwide at 3:46pm PDT and lead by founder of ONE: Becoming One Erik Lawyer.

Hosts Rachel Bagby and Mikki Willis will take those in the stadium and on our global webcast on a transformational journey weaving our stadium speakers James Twyman, Lindsay Wagnar, Dr. Pat Baccili,  Religious intra-faith leaders, SFD Battalion Chief Tom Richardson with Skyped in Lynn MacTaggart and a range of performances by Derek Ashong and Soulfege, Once and For All, Human and The Revolution, Singing Bear, Nando, Tina Olsanski and Native American dancers and drummers, and surprise musical performances.

 9/11’s anniversary represents a monumental call to realize our shared humanity, and collectively we are answering it. ONE: The Event’s mission is to provide collective healing of the past and inspire Solutions, Cooperation, Transformation

Connection, Celebration and greater Harmony in our world today. Help humanity Make The Shift from fear to love and join us on this momentous day! All are welcomed no matter their age, race, faith or politics.

 Agreements of Participation:


 Attend in a spirit of respect, peace, openness and love.

  • Leave political or polarizing signs and banners at home
Groups (Organizing, Promotional Partners, and others)
  • Participate in a spirit of respect, peace, openness, and love.
  • Keep corporate signs, banners, and logos away from the event.









(c) The Connecting Project 2011











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