BHU DEVI YAGNA - May 13th - 15th 2011

Bhudevi Yagna is a Vedic ritual fire ceremony conducted for Bhudevi also known as Pritvhi, which is an aspect of Mahalaxmi. Bhudevi isMother Earth. Bhudevi was the wife of Varaha – the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu when he took the form of a Boar. In the Vishnu purana the account of Bhu Devi’s birth is written. During the reign of Prithu, the earth would not yield fruits so a terrible famine developed. Prithu vowed to slay the earth forcing her to give up her precious resources. Terrified, the earth assumed the form of a cow. Prithu gave chase to the beast, pursuing her all the way to the heaven of Brahma. Finally, the earth turned to her pursuer and informed him the magnitude of sinfulness associated with the murder of a woman. The king retorted by asserting that the murder of one for the benefit of many is actually a virtuous act. She then warned Prithu that a kingdom without the earth would be utterly devoid of support. In order to make amends, the earth-as-cow offered to use her milk to fertilize the dessicated landscape, so long as Prithu flattened the land so that it would allow the flow of the nourishing liquid. Prithu accepted these conditions, and had the land plowed, thus marking the beginning of agriculture. Prithu then milked the earth and his kingdom was able to overcome their famine. She was thereafter considered the daughter of Prithu, thereby earth-goddess was given the title Prithvi. This is been a 3-day event each celebrate once a year. Before the yagna begins, Sri Swami Vishwananda performs a kalash puja invoking her aspects into 16 kalashes. The yagna is offered in gratitude to Bhudevi and to help her to become purified. The yagnas are performed for Bhudevi by invoking Agni, the god of fire. Vedic prayers and mantras are chanted throughout the ritual and offerings of ghee, milk, yoghurt, honey, sugar, flowers, fruits and cooked Prasad are made. The ceremony starts on the Friday evening and concludes with the marriage of Bhudevi to Lord Vishnu on the Sunday.

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